Effective Selling Skills for Tele-sales/Tele-marketing

Course Structure and Topics
1. Telesales/Telemarketing as tools for modern sale
– What is Telesales/Telemarketing?
– Who should use Telesales/Telemarketing method and look after Telesales/Telemarketing customer?
– Who is the target customer for Telesales/Telemarketing?
2. Preparation and customer contact
– Efficient communication via telephone
– How to understand people, works and services
– Preparation techniques for job presentation via telephone
– How to learn steps of customer’s decision making
3. Presentation and sale techniques with Telesales/Telemarketing
– How to create Comfort Zone atmosphere
– How to break the ice of conversation with 3 Minutes Method
– How to have efficient listening skill and ask brilliant question
– How to read customer’s needs via telephone
– How to deal with customer’s argument
– How to control sale atmosphere and sale rhythm
4. Secrets for closing sale via telephone
– Outside-in Strategy
– How to read the rhythm of closing sale
– 7 methods of how to close sale transaction via telephone
– To strengthen more abilities for victory


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