Teamwork and team spirit

Organization Awareness, Self-Improvement,
Work Development, Team Development
To Happy Successful Life.

1. Gain experience behaviors of collaboration. To realize their own role towards organizational goals.
2. Born to modify behavior of self. To the engagement and unity in the organization.
3. A feeling of ownership. Positive attitude towards organization, work, self, commander, subordinates and colleagues.
4. Aware of the importance of teamwork. Create a good atmosphere to work together.
5. To understand their role in the workplace. To appreciate the importance of the work.
6. To achieve behavioral change themselves for the better constantly.

Training Topics
1. Warm up : Understanding people and human nature
2. Organization Awareness
3. Ownership Mindset
4. Understand roles and functions of yourself
5. Roles and functions of the supervisors
6. Positive thinking to work in an organization and creating a good corporate culture.
7. Attitude adjustment & Creation of positive thinking
– Attitude towards the organization
– Attitude toward self
– Attitude towards others.
– Attitude towards work.
8. Strategies to strengthen relationships within the organization.
9. The importance of teamwork.
10. To build strong teams.
11. Self-Improvement, Work Development, Team Development, To Happy Successful Life.

Training Format
1. In-depth comprehensive lecture
2. Case study from the experiences
3. Workshop and apply the knowledge for the real life.


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