The Strategy of Modern Negotiation for Purchasing Tasks

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Background and Principles
The business efficiency in modern age has to rely on marketing technique, public relations and advanced sales to achieve the highest revenue. Moreover, effective negotiation skill is another important factor affecting the business performance. Nowadays, better negotiation skill and relationship with suppliers have become one of competitive advantages due to better cost, better products and better understanding on market. This can be utilized to win a competition.

To learn and understand good process of purchasing consideration, relationship management with partners and suppliers, professional negotiation and persuasion, as well as strategy formulation for negotiation to cope with purchasing tasks and competitive conditions, create skills of successful professional purchasing administrator to struggle in current business battlefield.

Content Structure and Topics of Lecture
1. Business environment and modern business cycle
– Business environment and competition
– Modern business cycle
– Analysis and preparation for modern purchasing tasks
2. Professional presentation and persuasion for purchasing tasks
– Understanding on customer needs and market
– Professional persuasion skills
– Understanding on purchasing system and modern sales system
3. New science for negotiation
– Skills in questioning, listening and situation analysis
– Effective negotiation skills
– Reading purposes of sales proposer
4. Effective negotiation skills
– Direction and control of negotiation atmosphere
– Strategy formulation for negotiation
– Technique to finish up professional negotiation

Suitable Persons to Participate Project
1. Purchasing and product administrator of organization
2. Purchasing and product management director
3. Purchasing manager
4. Purchasing staff


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