Planning and New Modern Strategy for Marketing

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Background and Principle
The business success is always the most important goal for each type of business. However, there are several aspects that should be understood in order to meet the sale target required by individual organization, such as, business, sale, and marketing plans. Therefore, the young executives shall have good fundamental knowledge relating to these important factors.

According to the marketing strategy plan and determination, there can be deemed as a science which shall be learned and updated at all time due to the situation of fierce marketing competition, market expansion, technology change, an increase of customers’ need, and fluctuated economy. In this case, it is necessary that the executives and marketing analysts in current situation have to completely perceive the influenced situations and develop their own potential regarding to business plan, marketing analysis, management, and marketing evaluation.

For this training course, the executives and marketing analysts will be guided to the right direction and point of view, as well as their potential will be developed for planning and determination of marketing strategy in order to get over other competitors in current situation.

To create learning and understanding of current marketing environment which has been changed, technology development, and complex business situation, including knowledge integration relating to market, economics, and merged sale in order to see through and make the marketing and sale plan for reaching the sale target required by individual organization.

Training Topics
1. Review of Business, Sale, and Marketing environment in current situation.
– Current Business Environment
– Present Sale Environment
– Updated Marketing Environment
2. Market and Customers’ Need Analysis
– Actual Customers’ Need
– “Inside-Out” Marketing Plan
– “Outside-In” Marketing Plan
3. Marketing and Model Evaluation for New Strategy Determination
– Evaluation of Marketing Status
– Evaluation of 5 Pressures
– Evaluation of Situation and Opportunity
– Evaluation of Individual Product Strategy
4. Market Share Analysis for Competitiveness Strategy Determination
– “Red Ocean Strategy” for Market Competition
– “Blue Ocean Strategy” for Market Competition
– Marketing Direction in New Era, White Ocean / CSR
5. Applying of Marketing Information and Modern Strategy
– AIDA Model for creating marketing plan
– See through, think wise, and plan well
– Marketing Analyst’s Black Hole


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