Winning with Sales Insight and Marketing Intelligence

Background and Principle
Sales target acts as the heart of business conduct. To win, many components are needed. At present, sciences of selling and marketing are indefinitely separated knowledge. Successful salesmen of this age have to possess knowledge and skills on marketing, economics and business analysis. Similarly, good marketing officers who set strategic plans for organizations must have basic understandings on selling. Skills from the combination of learning and selling and marketing experiences act as a core booster for business success. Deep analysis on selling information and management on marketing information technology will be a tool to win the sales target.

To accelerate learning and understanding on a changing marketing environment, progress of technologies and complexity of businesses in these days. Also, to know how to integrate bodies of knowledge on marketing, economics and selling in order to definitely see and set sale and marketing plans to win the organizations’ sales targets.

Course Structure and Topics
1. Outside-in marketing analysis
– Current marketing environment and competitions
– Real demands of clients
– Model of 5 pressures
2. Marketing for the real marketing and selling executives
– Relationship between marketing and selling
– Benefits from marketing information
– Marketing trends in the future
3. Modern marketing and selling management
– 4 levels of selling
– AIDA Model for marketing and selling planning
– Be farsighted, attentive and know to make plans
4. Black holes of marketing and salesmen and farsightedness
– Black holes of marketing officers and salesmen
– Mistakes that cannot be overlooked
– Selling farsightedness and winning


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