Leadership Development for Supervisors and Managers
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The importance of the leadership
Leadership is a significant factor for enhancing the efficiency of the leader himself and organization in order to achieve the goal which has been set. At present day, in term of business, there are high competitions continuously; therefore leadership is needed in order to bring the leader and the organization to meet their achievement. Role of leadership has to be conformed to business dynamic and to be an effective leader; one has to gain an acceptance, faith, trust, and reliability from the others within the organization.

1. To acquire competition advantage among employees and organizations
2. To acquire knowledge, positive attitude and understand the importance of leadership
3. To enhance the capability and potential of the leaders
4. To enhance and improve the leadership in the organization continuously

Training Topics
1. Competition advantage among people and organization
– Reforming oneself and the organization during the transformation
– Organization Leadership, Vision, Mission and organization’s culture
2. Acknowledgement and understanding about leadership
– The importance and necessity for improving leadership
– Meaning and advantage of leadership / Leader and executive
– Role and responsibility of leader / Leadership styles
– The type behavior which effect to people’s mind
3. The Fifth Discipline for Leader’s efficiency improvement (Workshop)
– Mental models : Practice the mediation / Consider the thought and right expression
– System thinking : Practice to think in the way of causal loop / Finding the root cause of the problem and proble solving / Using diagram to manage the cause and the result
– Team learning: Practice for conversation, discussion, listening, countenance, persuasion and interrogation, all skills which help gain more understanding.
– Building Shared Vision: Building vision together, vision implementation and efficient communication
– Personal Mastery : Finding the purpose in life and personal vision, implementation of personal vision
4. Strategies which stimulate continuous leadership in Organization

Training Format
1. In-depth comprehensive lecture
2. Case study from the experiences
3. Workshop and apply the knowledge for the real life.

Recommended for:
1. Head of all level, supervisors, head of division, and head of department
2. All level managers
3. The others who is interesting in self-improvement

Training benefits
1. The participants can apply all skills from this training program in order to improve themselves for a progressive in their career and organization.
2. The participants can apply all skills to change the way of thinking and change for a better life.
3. The participants can apply the skills for their organization, so that the organization will be able to handle all the changes. The participants will be valuable persons and will be needed to lead the organization to meet the achievement.


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