English for Modern Salespeople and Marketers

The objective of this course is to allow participants to explore into the world of how Professional Marketeers tell stories through all the means available. At the end of the one-day course, participants are expected to comprehend that no matter what language they use, through whatever means of communication, their job is to sell, maintain, expand, and strengthen customer’s involvement, commitment, and ownership. Marketeers do not only communicate to increase sales, but also the integrity, and professionalism of they companies they work for. For Thai people, the job seems to be harder by multiples, as English is the second language, and communicating like a professional marketeer seems beyond limit. Nothing is difficult, if one knows the secret.

Training Topics
1. Differences between Everyday and Business English.
– Differences between Business English and Marketing English.
2. Writing Product and Service introduction, quick and clear. You are not writing a novel.
3. Product and Service Verbal Presentation
– Designing the flow of your presentation
– Highlighting skill
– Elevator Pitch
4. Business Email, avoiding confusing with preciseness, eliminating misunderstand with careful and professional attentiveness
5. Business Telephone conversation, the most scary facet in Business contacts for most Thais. How to tackle the problems.
6. Words frequently mispronounced and wrongly stressed. Put your tongue and lips together and work it!!
7. Selection of words, avoid words that would even confuse you.
8. General issues, for example, culture, sense of humor, and how to handle customer’s complaints that are caused by misunderstanding.


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